Adding a new add-on product or service from the Add-On Management page

1. In your Gigabook dashboard, do the following steps:

  • Hover over Gear Icon from the Side menu.

  • In the Settings list, click Add-Ons.

2. In the Add-On Management settings, click New Add-On.

2. In the Add Add-On Product or Service window, do the following steps:

  • Enter the name and price, the number available, the tax rate and the add-on title.

  • Enter the short description and long description.

  • To upload an image, do the following steps:

  • Click Add Image.

  • Select an image from one of your local folders. You can also change the size and zoom the image.

  • Click Crop.

  • To edit the Always show on group session widget and the Only show with these group session are chosen, click Always show on booking widget and Only show with these services are chosen.

  • Click Add.

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