How to add a custom form from the Custom Forms Management page

Adding a custom form from the Custom Forms Management page

1. In your Gigabook dashboard, do the following steps:

  • Hover over Gear Icon from the Side menu.

  • In the Settings list, click Settings Hub.

2. In Settings Hub > Data & Sync, click Manage Custom Forms.

3. In Custom Forms Management page, click the New Custom Form button.

4. In the Add Custom Form window, do the following steps:
    a. Enter the title.
    b. Enter the description.
    c. In the Questions tab, also do the following steps:

  • Enter a question, select a question type, and add the choices. You can also add a sub-question, another question, or set the question as required, depending on your preference.

    d. In the Booking Widget, Group Session Widget, or Contact Form tab, select the              buttons on each tab to edit any information.
        Note: These options are available when you assign a custom form to a widget,                        service, or group session.
    e. Click Preview.

    f. In the Custom Form Preview window, review the details.

5. Click Add.

Click here to create a Custom Form

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