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Changing notification settings
Changing notification settings

How to change your existing, default notification settings within your account

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Changing notification and reminder settings for a specific appointment or event.

1. In the Calendar page, navigate and select a specific date.

2. In the Edit Appointment Window, do the following steps:

  • Enable the toggle buttons for Notifications and Reminders.

  • In the Notifications and Reminders frame, enable the toggle buttons of your preferred time and notifications for you and your clients.

Changing default settings for notifications and reminders.

  1. In your GigaBook dashboard, do the following steps:

  • Hover over Gear icon at the side menu.

  • Click Settings Hub.

2. In the Settings Hub, click Notifications and Reminders under Communications.

3. In the Notifications and Reminders, set up default settings for Appointments, Events, and Group sessions.

4.  Click Save.

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