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What is a "service"?
What is a "service"?

Information about potential services that you add to your account and where you can add the services that your business provides

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Services are what you would like to take bookings for. 

1. In your GigaBook dashboard, do the following steps:

  • Hover over the Gear icon to the side menu.

  • In the Settings list, click Services.

2. On the Services Member Management page, you do the following:

  • Add services that your business provides

  • Add or change the prices of services

  • Manage setup or cleanup time before or after services

  • Edit existing service that you already added

  • Assign your staff member to new or existing services

  • Add images to your services

  • Add service descriptions that appear in your booking applications

  • Control the order in which services appear on your booking applications

  • Schedule service appointments by clicking on a service, then clicking the "Schedule" button.

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