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Why should I use GigaBook?
Why should I use GigaBook?

How GigaBook can help your business to sell more and you spend less for your efforts

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GigaBook is your answer to creating an efficient business. It is easy to use, always available, extremely reliable, makes your business and employees more productive and increases your revenue. 

The reasons why GigaBook can help your business:

  • Schedule bookings with real-time availability.

  • Offer individual appointment bookings or group bookings like classes, seminars, parties, meetings, etc.

  • Take deposit before a customer can book an  appointment.

  • Setup private links for your services when they are hidden.

  • Download booking reports from our Report Center page.

  • Allow your website to work for you 24/7 and take more appointments online.

  • Make your website your hardest working employee, as GigaBook can work 24/7.

  • Attract a whole new set of customers based on increased use of technology by accepting bookings through any computer, phone or tablet.

  • Turn availability and technology into income, by upgrading your website from static to transactional.

  • Appeal to your customers' wants, and turn page visits into real revenue through online appointments.

  • Your business will rapidly grow and expand.

  • Prevent no-shows of clients with automated text and email reminders.

  • Access your GigaBook platform from any computer or mobile device.

  • Accept payments online at the time of booking.

  • Keep your business organized with To-Do Lists and client management.

  • Customizable invoicing system, promotions, and settings throughout the platform with your posted widgets to fit your business style and personality.

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