Adding GigaBook to your website

How to add GigaBook booking app to your website and how to take bookings and appointments through your website

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Sharing or embedding booking links to your website

1. In your GigaBook dashboard, do the following steps:

  • Hover over Megaphone icon to the side menu.

  • In the settings list, click Share and Embed.

2. In Share and Embed Page, do the following steps:

  • Select Service Booking or Group Session widget.

  • Setup the specific services/group to appear in your widget.

  • Select the locations/staff member to appear in your widget.

  • Select whether to get a link of your widget or embed the widget to your existing website.

Adding booking and group widget to your website

  1. Hover over Megaphone icon and click Service Booking or Group Session Booking.

2. In the Service Booking or Group Session Booking Wizard, do the following:

  • Click Share.

  • In the popup modal, enable Staff Member, Service, Client, or/and location to appear in your widget.

  • To share or/and embed the booking widget on your website, do the following steps:

  • To embed, click Embed Code tab and copy the HTML code.

  • To share using URL, click URL To Share.

For Service Booking:

For Group Session/Class Booking:

*Note: Some site builder programs might require placing the embed code inside a TEXT or HTML field.  In this case, the embed code will most likely appear in viewing a sample.

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