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How to customize your booking widgets

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Customizing booking widgets

1. Hover over Horn icon from the side menu and click Service Booking.

2. In the Booking Widget page, do the following steps: 

  • Choose the color options for the widget and click Next Step.

  • Choose the font style and click Next Step.

  • Select a layout style and click Next Step.

  • Select booking options. You can allow clients to choose specific staff, resources, or random assignment of bookings. Click Next Step

  • Select intervals, time buffer, calendar views, and default timezone for the booking widget’s calendar. Click Next Step.

  • Select the information you want to collect during booking or create a custom form and Add-on products/services. Click Next Step.

  • Enable or Disable permission for clients to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment to a different date and/or time.

  • Select whether to integrate payments and promo codes to your booking process. Click Next Step.

  • Choose the size of your site.

  • Click Full Screen to view your widget.

  • Click Save Settings.

Sharing and embedding the widget to your website

  1. In the Booking Widget page, click Share.

  2. In the Share & Embed Booking Widget modal, do the following steps:

  • To embed the widget to your website, copy the HTML code under Embed Code and place it in your site.

  • To try other sharing option, copy the URL link under URL to Share.

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