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How to customize client view
How to customize client view

How to customize the columns and data to be displayed within your client page

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You can find all the client information stored on the client management page. You can hide or unhide client information you want to see on your client page.

1. Navigate to Client Management Page.

2. Click the Data Table icon

3. Select the fields corresponding to the client information that you want to be displayed.

Required Client Fields

First Name: Enter the client's first name.

Last Name: Enter the client's last name.

Mobile No.: Enter mobile no. if you want your client to receive SMS notification and reminder

Email: Enter the client’s email address.

Address: Enter the client's street address.

City/State/Country/Timezone: Enter the client's zip code, city/state, country and timezone.

Zipcode: Enter the client’s postal code.

Optional fields

Multiple Client address: The client may have multiple addresses, however, You need to save the client first before you can add more addresses.

Company Name: Enter the client company name to indicate that the client represents a business.

Job Title: Enter the client's job title

Office Number: Enter office number

Home Number: Enter the home number

Birthday: Select the client's birth date.

Gender: Select a gender option. By default, “Gender,” is selected.

Discounts: Enter the discount that you've given to the client

Related Names: Enter a client-related name

Social Media: Enter client's social media links

URL: Enter the client's business page

Assigned Staff Member: Select staff member to be assigned to the client

Notes: Save notes for the client

Modified: This is the date when the client profile was created or updated.

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