"Reschedule and Cancel" button, turning either of these ON will add a button to the bottom of your clients' email and reminder notification and to your client's existing appointment widget that allows your client to reschedule their appointment to a different date/time and/or cancel their appointment.

1. In your Dashboard, hover over the 'Megaphone' icon and click Service Booking.

2. In the Booking Widget page, click the Jump to the drop-down menu and select Reschedule/Cancel.

3. In Booking Widget Configuration, do the following steps:

  • Enable Allow clients to reschedule appointments and choose from the Jump to box.

  • Enable Allow clients to cancel appointments and choose from the Jump to box

4. Click the 'Save' button.

5. When the client logs in as a returning customer. The Reschedule and Cancel button will display in the Booking Widget under Client Existing Appointments.

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