Changing your main business hours

1. In your GigaBook dashboard, hover over the Gear icon from the side menu and click Settings Hub.

2. In the Settings page, click Business Settings under Business.

3. In the Business Settings Page, modify the information under Business Hours and Click Submit

Changing general hours of availability for specific service providers.

1. In your GigaBook dashboard, hover over Gear icon and click Staff Members.

2. In the Staff Member’s Management Page, do these steps:

  • Click +New Staff Member to add new staff or click the Pencil icon to modify staff member’s information.

  • In the Staff Member modal, click the Availability tab.

  • In the Availability tab, set the provider's availability

  • Click Update.

Blocking off time available for online booking

1. In the GigaBoo dashboard, hover over Calendar icon from the side menu and click Block Time.

2. In the Block Calendar Availability modal, do these steps:

  • Select the time and date to block.

  • For a series of calendar block activities, set Series to on. Enter the number of interval days. You can also set this to block the same time daily on a recurring basis

  • Set Notes to on and enter notes.

  • Select a duration, location and staff member.

  • Click Save.

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