You can send promotional materials and direct emails to clients. To add new messages, see deleted messages and customize the view of your emails, do the following steps:

1. Hover Bull Horn Icon from the Side Menu and click Correspondence.

View your correspondence settings

2. Click +New Message.

3. In the Send Email modal, do these steps:

  • Clients: You can search for an existing client, or type a new client name

  • Message Type: Select from Direct or Promotional message type. Note: Clients have the option of unsubscribing from promotional messages.

  • Reply To: Enter email for Reply To. When the client receives the mail and clicks Reply, this is the email address that will be populated.

  • Subject: Enter Subject

  • Message: Enter the message. Your global mail display settings will be applied automatically

  • Upload File Attachments: You can attach files such as instructional PDFs, consent forms, waiver forms, etc..

4. Click Save or Preview.

5. If you clicked Preview, review your email details in the Preview Email modal.

6. Click Send. The Email Sent Successfully modal will show if it was sent successfully.

7. The Email Saved Successfully modal will show if it was saved.

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