The Group Session Widget allows you to include GigaBook's group joining feature onto your website and attendees to book the session they would like. You can use GigaBook for group bookings, trainings, meetings, practices, etc. Do the following steps.

1. Hover Bull Horn Icon from the Side Menu and click Group Session Booking.

2. In the Group Session Widget, you can create a group session booking application with settings that control what the widget shows to your clients.

3. In Group Session Widget Configuration: Step 1/8, do these steps:

  • Select the colors of the components in your widget.

  • Click Next Step.

  • Click Save.

NOTE: The Group Session must be added to your calendar BEFORE they will appear on your widget. The booking application for "Services" is a separate widget, the Group Session Widget is only for a Group Session. Once the group session booking application is placed on your website or business page, any changes that you want to make can be done in the Group Session Widget. The changes will show after you click SAVE.

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