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GigaBook's booking widget helps you take appointments for the services your business provides by showing your availability online.

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GigaBook’s booking widget is an application that you can add to your existing website. It allows you to take appointments and reservations for the services that your business offers. GigaBook has booking widgets for individual services as well as group events, sessions, or gatherings.

When a client books an appointment, GigaBook can: 

  1. Send notifications to client and staff.

  2. Set a reminder for the client and staff.

  3. Create an invoice if a payment is received.

GigaBook also lets you customize the colors, fonts, layout, images and descriptions to ensure your booking widget best represents your business.


  1. In the Colors category, select the colors for your website.

  2. Click Next Step.


  1. In the Font category, select the font for your website.

  2. Click Next Step.


  1. In the Layout category, select a layout for your website.

  2. Click Next Step.

To add an Image and Description to your website, do these steps:

  • Switch from Simple to Advanced buttons.

  • Enter the settings for the Simple or Advanced buttons.

  • Click Save.

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