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Automatically Confirm Appointment Requests
Automatically Confirm Appointment Requests

How to activate (and deactivate) automatic appointment confirmations

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Turning this feature ON will automatically confirm incoming appointments, assign staff members if needed and add them to your calendar. If turned OFF, the appointment request will be displayed on your dashboard, and the staff member will need to be assigned manually when the appointment is confirmed.
Note: Appointments which have received payments will be confirmed automatically.

Activating auto-confirm is simple, and there are two ways to navigate to this setting.

  1. The easiest way to access this feature is through your Smart Start Booking Preferences, which GigaBook recommends if initially setting up your account.

2. Or, through your Booking Widget Wizard, which is where you can also make changes to the way you accept payments, the information your client sees on your website and much more.

Once updated, be sure to SAVE your settings, and you are now able to take appointments from your website automatically!

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