Creating Private Links

How to create private links for services from your GigaBook account.

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Create or update a service through your Services Management Page.

From the Edit Service page, set Hidden to On to hide the service from the list.

Set Private Links to On. You can then create one or more private links to share with your clients.

Once your Private Link is created and saved, do the following steps to share the link to your clients:

  1. In the Services Management page, click on Edit Service. The Edit Service pop-up window is displayed.

  2. Click on Copy button beside the URL box. Close the Edit Service pop-window by clicking on the close window icon.

  3. Go to Promote menu on the left side of the page and click on its icon. The options menu is displayed on its right side. Click to select the Services Booking.

  4. The Booking Widget page is displayed. Click on Share button.

  5. The Share & Embed Booking Widget pop-up window is displayed. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Force Service button and drag the button from left to right. The drop-down list is displayed.

  • Click on the URL to Share button.

  • Scroll on the drop-down list and select the service you want to add.

  • The URL text box displays the URL of your private link. Select to highlight the link. Click on the Copy button.

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