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Take partial payment for your services
Take partial payment for your services

How to take a deposit for an appointment using Stripe

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You can offer partial upfront payment to your customers and charge the rest of the amount after the service is completed

Enable partial payment

1. Navigate to the Service Management Page

2. Click the Add or Edit service button

3. In the prompt modal, enter the amount as it is required to enable the 'Take deposit' toggle button

  • Enter the percentage value to be deducted from the service price.

  • Click the Add button

4. Once it is saved. The take deposit button will appear on the booking process checkout page.

Click here to set up an online Payment Method for Stripe, PayPal,, or Braintree accounts to GigaBook

Making a full payment

1. Navigate to the Invoice Management Page

2. In the Invoices List, click the Invoice.

3. In the Edit Invoice window, click the Payment button.

4. In the Credit Card Payment window, check the following information:   

  • Payment amount

  • Cardholder’s name

  • Billing address

  • Card number ( card number is secured )

  • CVC code ( CVC number is secured )

  • Expiration date

5. Click the Process button to process payment.

6. Click the Send to Client button to send an invoice to the client.

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