Adding a new category for an existing service

Note: You cannot add a category for a non-existing service. You should create a new service before adding a category.

1. In your GigaBook dashboard, do the following steps:

  • Hover over Gear Icon from the Side menu.

  • In the Settings list, click Services.

2. In the Services Management page, click Manage Category.

3. In the Service Categories Management page, click New Category.

4. In the Add Category window, do the following steps:

  • Enter Category Name.

  • To upload an image, do these steps:

              - Click Choose Image.
              - Select any image from the File Upload window.
              - In the Crop Image window, click Crop.
              - Click Add.

  • Click Add.

5. To assign a parent category and a service, do the following steps:

  • In the Service Categories Management page, select a Category Name. Do these steps:

              - In the Edit Category window, select Parent Category and Assign Services jump to boxes.

  • Click Update.

6. To go back to Services Management page, click Manage Services.

7. To view the hierarchy of categories that you have created, click View Chart.

Viewing the form of a new category inside a booking widget and customizing the booking widget

  1. To view the look of a booking widget for a new category, do these steps:

  • In your GigaBook dashboard, hover over Megaphone Icon from the Side menu and click Service Booking.

3. In the Booking Widget Wizard page, the current form of your booking widget with the new category is on the left side of the page.

3. To customize your booking widget, do these steps:

  • Hover over the Jump to box and then select Colors, Font, Layout, Form Fields, Size, Options, Reschedule/Cancel, Calendar, and Payment to customize the color, font style, layout, calendar, payments, schedule, and appointment settings of the widget.

  • Click Save or Save Settings.

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