Group Session Invites
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Enable Group Session Invites.

1. Navigate to Notifications and Reminders Page

2. Under Global Settings, enable the Group Session Invites toggle button

3. Click Save

Important: Email notifications must be enabled

How to send Group Session Invites

1. Create a Group Session schedule, Add clients

2. Group Session Email Notifications will be sent to a client

3. When the client receives a “Group Session email" notification, an Invitation link will be displayed at the bottom of the email

Going? ( Yes - Maybe - No

4. If the client responds to the invitation, the user will be notified by email and the client's response ( “Accepted", "Undecided" or "Declined“ ) will be shown under the client's name.

Color Legend:

  • No Response (Grey)

  • Accepted (Green)

  • Maybe (Blue)

  • Declined (Red)

Note: When a schedule is updated by the user, the Invitation Status will default back to No Response, the client needs to respond again if they want to proceed or not with the schedule.

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