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How to merge duplicate client records
How to merge duplicate client records

Managing duplicate client records

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Sometimes your client database can end up with duplicate client records either because of your client’s erroneous client information upon booking a schedule or because of client import. The merging of clients let you combine duplicate client records such as schedules, invoices, and custom form answers into one client record. We’ll show you how to use the merge duplicate client feature to combine the client records.


1. Navigate to Client Management Page

2. Select at least two Clients to enable the Merge Client button

Note: (maximum of 10 clients to be merged)

3. Click the Merge Client button

4. On the prompt, Select (1) Client Profile to be your primary client

5. Click the Merge button to confirm

6. Click the Confirm button

7. Primary Client Modal prompt after merging is complete.

8. Schedules, Invoices, Custom Form Answers are transferred to the Primary Client Profile.

IMPORTANT: Review the client information before merging. You will not be able to undo once the merging is completed.

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