When you create a ZAP, you will see the 'Type' dropdown value, it has appointment, group session, and event options. Each new client who booked a schedule will appear as a new sheet row.

1. Log in to your Zapier Account

2. On your Zapier page, Click Zaps on the side menu.

3. Click the 'Create Zap' button

4. On the trigger window prompt, Search Gigabook Application

5. Choose Trigger Event, Select New Booking

6. Connect your Gigabook account or Choose an existing Gigabook account

7. Set up trigger 'Type' from the dropdown value 'Appointment', 'Event', or Group Session.

8. Click the 'Continue' button to test your trigger. Once the trigger is successful. You may now proceed to the next step. "Change Action".

9. Change action, Choose Google Sheets.

10. Choose an Action event from the dropdown value ex: 'Create Spreadsheet Row'.

Each new client who booked a schedule will appear as a new sheet row.

11. Choose or Connect your google account.

12. Set up action, Choose your drive ex: 'My Google Drive'

13. Select your Spreadsheet (add columns or data that you want to collect).

14. Select Worksheet (choose what sheet you want the date to appear)

15. Enter Text or insert data and assign a field with the data.

  • Title - It reflects the name of the service or appointment

  • Location Name - This is where the appointment is to be held.

  • Provider Name - The provider assigned to the appointment

  • Client Name - Client First name and Last name

  • Client Phone - Client Phone number

  • Client ID - This is used to tie up appointments to the specific client.

  • Client Address - Displays the Home/Office Address, Country, City, State, and Zip Code.

  • Timezone - Display the client timezone

  • Start - The start time of the appointment

  • End - The end time fo the appointment

  • Created - Timestamp of the appointment when booked.

  • Notes for Provider

  • Notes for Client

  • Attendees - the number count of clients in the appointment

16. Click Continue to test and continue test action.

17. Once the Test is Successful, you may turn ON the Zap.

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