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How to block off time for online booking
How to block off time for online booking

How to block off time for a specific service

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1. In your Gigabook account, Click the Block time button on the side menu under the Calendar listing and Calendar Pages.

2. In the Block Calendar Availability window, do the following steps:

  • Select "All Service" or "choose a service" in the dropdown.

    (Selecting "All Service" will block all the services' time slots on the booking widget while choosing a specific service will block a particular service time slot on the booking widget.)

  • Edit the Blocked Title or leave it as is.

  • Enter the start date and time.

  • Select a duration, and location, and assign a staff member.

  • Enable Notes (optional)

  • Click Save.

(For a series of calendar block activities, set Series to On and then enter the number of interval days.) You can also set this to block the same time daily on a recurring basis

  • Set Notes to on and enter notes.

  • Click Save.

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